Appraisal and Umpire

Whether the assured or the assured’s representative have called for the appraisal process or the insurance carrier feels that the differences in valuation of an element or the entire claim must be reviewed by competent and independent parties the claims process has reached a point where Quinn Associates Claims is prepared to offer service.

As umpire the decision will be expressed in a report if requested and expensed to the requesting party or parties. Based on mutual agreement, the following option should be selected for your case;

      • Review

        Both files are digitally presented in full for review with an opening and organizing statement. A decision is presented on the most correctly comprehensive scope and valuation based only on the review.

      • Deliberation

        At a location of mutual agreement both files are prepared for review with a compare and contrast discussion of the differences within the two positions. A decision is presented on each point and a scope and valuation is prepared resolving the contrasts.

      • Commission

        With a visit to the loss location both files are presented and group discussions are held to reach a mutually agreed scope and valuations of the damages. In areas where no accommodation can be reached a decision will be made by the umpire.


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