Residential and Commercial

Insurance is an industry of risk, while underwriters and actuaries attempt to properly price the risk transferred from the assured to the insurance carrier, claims focuses on keeping the promises have been priced and underwritten. Of the many errors that can come back to haunt the properly written and priced insurance contract, claims which are not fully investigated, documented, and reserved can cause real and significant harm to the financial standing of the insurance carrier.

At Quinn Associates Claims the knowledge of the contract is the companion to understanding the scope and proper valuation of the event. Our independent adjusters are educated in the aspects of coverage and demonstrate this in watchfulness for issues that should be called to the attention of the carrier representative for closer review in keeping with the carrier’s specific coverage language. It is not enough to know that the policy is a contract with limits, deductibles, exclusions and additions, our associates are alert to the nuances of coverage and the opportunities for quick acceptable resolutions. Attention to the mitigation, salvage, subrogation, and customer service are easier when a well-rounded understanding of the coverage meets the first contact and initial inspection.

At Quinn Associates Claims this thorough understanding combined with a strong desire to exceed the needs of our clients, leads us to proudly offer three distinct property claim services that are designed to satisfy the demands of your assureds in a loss event;

      • Standard

        The most prevalent of claim services where the focus is primarily centered in the Ohio Valley Area. See our coverage map. 24 hour contact is assured. Strong emphasis on the Ohio CCC corridor (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati) with 200 miles included in fee schedule.

      • Overview

        This service is designed to assist out clients who require additional information before moving forward on a claim. For a nominal cost, an adjuster will photograph the loss location, deliver one scope or statement and recommend a proper reserve. Only available in the Ohio CCC Corridor (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati), with no mileage cost.

      • Expedited

        Offering innovation is in claim handling is our goal with expedited service. With this service, Quinn Associates Claims offers claim submission with-in 24 hours. We achieve this through calendar management. Log into our claim calendar and upon first contact with insured schedule our inspection. Only available in the Ohio CCC corridor (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati).

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